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There are some very important things you need to remember when creating SMS marketing message. It is a constant surprise to see the number of people trying to send SMS marketing campaigns without knowing these basic things. Because SMS messages are limited in size, people try to keep the characters as short as possible and neglect to include the most important details.
Although you may think that an SMS has only one hundred sixty characters, and there is nothing to be concerned about, this is incorrect. Without thinking about the content, delivery and CTAs of your SMS message, you could potentially see many opt outs from your records. SMS is an extraordinary and direct method. SMS can be a powerful and well-thought-out part of your marketing strategy if done correctly.

1. Showcase your business name

  • a You can change the caller ID to a forename of up to 11 characters. It’s not a number so recipients cannot respond. You still need an opt-out procedure in your message.
    Manual processes can also be used to opt people out, but they are less likely to be used and repeated messages to those who cannot opt-out will create a bad brand impression.
  • b You have the option to use the opt-out number for caller identification.
    This process allows for a smaller message and makes it easier for the receivers to opt out. This would eventually result in fewer complaints and be more encouraging to your brand.

2. Qualify the receiver

You can usually start by looking at your organization. Then, talk about the relationship and the offer. For example, Customers, Members, Entrants, etc. It would be easier for the receiver to understand the communication if they could quickly state how they came to be listed.

3. Include a call to action

You can also add autoresponders to keywords that may provide additional information. These may be added to divided lists. URLs can be attached to mobile web pages, Google Maps, mobile video and even apps. Many URL shorteners are available that can be used with text message.

4. Send us your best details and offers

You can send SMS text that is good in terms of freebies and mobile coupons, discounts or aide memories, as well as links to free apps, competition access and mobile video notifications. Unsubscribing to a simple sale notification is likely to result in the receiver feeling spammy. It is important that the recipient feels they were specific in obtaining the SMS. The best SMS interface allows you to use database variables to enter the name and other details of the recipient into the SMS.

5. Do not try to be funny with your text communications

Individuals also understand that you have access to a keyboard and enough time to think about what you are writing, so you can be seen by young people.

These methods are very helpful for you, regardless of whether you want to send transactional SMS or promo SMS.



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